Coaching Philosophy

I believe that we all contain within us an unlimited supply of potential.  As a coach, it is my desire to assist clients in exploring that supply within themselves and utilizing it to propel themselves forward into living a life of absolute passion.  The only time we have is NOW. Fear of the future and regret of the past keep us stuck in the in-between space of stagnation. 

When we can let go of attachment to outcome; when we can view our past as a beautiful journey that helped shape us into who we are today; when we can release expectation of ourselves, anyone or anything, Then we can soar to unfathomable heights!  There truly are no mistakes.  We make choices, and our choices create changes which allow us space to make new choices.  NOW is where we tap into our unlimited potential.  NOW is when we make the decision to live a life of absolute passion.  NOW is the anywhere, anywhen space of ultimate reality!!!!  

In order to fully live this experience, it requires inner work: truth telling, heart dedication, desire, and a strong willingness to stay in the game, even when it’s hard!  The hard work is really the heart work.  It teaches us to recognize and follow our inner guidance system and understand where we truly stand on our chosen path.  Our feelings affect our thoughts and our thoughts affect our feelings.  Only when we develop a keen awareness of our feelings and the relationship of those feelings to our thoughts can we stop telling the stories that keep us stuck!  Awareness opens the door to new, empowering stories where we can move forward into our GREATEST YET TO BE!