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I’m Shelley Massingill… iPEC Certified Professional Coach, Energy Leadership™ Index Master Practitioner, teacher of Naam yoga, and lover of coffee all day, everyday. As a Holistic Life Coach, I hold space for people to grow into their potential.

I see way too many people on the cusp of their MOST amazing self…but holding back or feeling stuck and unable to move forward.

My greatest passion in this line of work is helping people get over that hump and fully realize who they are and what they were put here to do. How do I do that?

• My intuitiveness – I tune into my personal gift of intuitive  listening. I hear what’s not being said. I can bypass the frustrations in your mind in order to access the messages that your heart is sending. (And your heart is always trying to send that message – we just get to work together to receive that message! Cool, right?)

• Teach you to access your own intuitive nature – You might not know it yet, but you have the capability to tap into that same intuition. The problem is, that most of us have actually “unlearned” how to do that. But it’s a skill that can be re-learned pretty easily once you’re open to it.

• Energy work – I use energy work, meridians, and my Naam yoga training to focus and align your thoughts with your purpose. I strongly believe in trusting and honoring energy, and I will teach you how to observe, protect and maximize your own energy field.

I started doing this work when I myself could sense that there was “something more” for me in life. The gifts that my journey and training would bring me are more abundant than I could have ever imagined. And now I am blessed to get to share them with you.

Ready to live as the most aligned version of yourself EVER? 

Let's Work!

What others have to say.....

“My coaching session with Shelley was a wonderful experience. I felt deeply seen and heard and that was exactly what the deepest part of me was craving. She helped me see my struggle from a new perspective and was powerful in her ability to help see a way forward when I was previously feeling so stuck. I highly recommend her as a coach as she is wise, inspiring and deeply insightful”.

— Marin Bach-Antonson
“It’s rare to find an individual who embodies knowledge and experience combined with genuine compassion and kindness. This describes Shelley Massingill. She is a smart, honest and caring soul who thrives on helping others achieve peace, happiness and becoming the best version of themselves possible. She is adept at listening and understanding situations and providing objective, practical and helpful insights. She is wealth of knowledge regarding a variety of wellness practices. I am insanely grateful our paths crossed and I am fortunate to have Shelley as an adviser, mentor, confidant and friend.”
— L.P.

Photography: SouL Musings Photography, where it all began.