Three 1 hour LIVE video workshops to get clear, create shifts and spring forward in a personalized group setting.

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SESSION 1: Get Clear, Get real

This introductory webinar will take you on a meditative journey that will help you discover how to tap into your own intuitive nature. You will learn to tune in to your body, listen to what it wants to tell you, allow the energy to move, and get CLEAR on your REAL goals and desires. You will receive an energy transmission, (which is kind of like virtual reiki!), that is tailored to your own needs.

The meditation is yours to keep and use whenever you need it. A downloadable audio file will be sent to all participants.


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So often we don’t get what we want because we are simply asking the universe (and ourselves) the wrong questions. “Why is this happening to me?” “When will I ever get out of debt?” “Why do I always end up with selfish people?”

When the questions we ask focus on what we don’t want, it turns out we just get more of the same. (Sound familiar?)

In this high-impact webinar, we will explore the concept of Shift Questions which help you completely turn your mindset around so that you’re energetically aligned with the questions you ask so that you get the answers you want.

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SESSION 3: Moving forward

Once you understand how to tap into your inner wisdom and how to ask the right questions for what you want, the sustainability of these practices becomes the work. Our brains have been programmed and reinforced in a certain way for a very long time - perhaps your whole life. So to reprogram it takes continual and intentional effort.

In this concluding webinar of the series, I will guide you in creating your personal next best steps so you can seek out the support system that will encourage you to continue growing in the direction of the life you desire.